Evers leads pack of unknown democrats in governor's race, MU Poll shows

NOW: Evers leads pack of unknown democrats in governor’s race, MU Poll shows

Wisconsin Superintendent Tony Evers extended his lead over the Democratic field by 25 points in the Marquette Law Poll released Wednesday.

But most voters don’t know who he is, or any other democrats in the race for governor.

More voters chose i don’t know, at 38 percent, than Evers, at 31 percent, but nobody else received more than 6 percent of the vote. – than any of the democratic candidates for governor.

Poll director Charles Franklin says there is plenty of work  left to do.

“I do think we’re looking at a sprint to the finish over the last two or three weeks before the primary,” Franklin said.

Evers said he is happy about his position, and thinks he can build his lead heading into the August 14 primary.

“If you look at the number of people that have signed onto our campaign, we just have large numbers of people that are being supportive in a whole number of ways," Evers said.

State Sen. Kathleen Vinehout, D-Alma, tied for second in the poll with Wisconsin's firefighter union president Mahlon Mitchell at 6 percent.

She says she expects a low turnout in August, so getting out the vote will be key.

“We’re banking on that person to person contact that’s going to make a difference, to remind somebody to vote at a very unusual time, when most people are thinking about taking a boat up to the cabin.”

Franklin says despite Evers lead, he still thinks this is a race.

“It’s possible the undecideds and those who don’t know will converge around one candidate. Donald trump took something like two-thirds of the undecided voters in the last week of the 2016 campaign.”

This is the last poll before the primary. There will be another once those primaries determine who will run against Gov. Scott Walker and U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin

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