Wisconsin chairman rescinds killer's parole at Evers' request

NOW: Wisconsin chairman rescinds killer’s parole at Evers’ request

WEST ALLIS, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A West Allis man -- set to be released from prison after serving less than half his term for murdering his estranged wife in front of their children -- won't be going anywhere. State officials have rescinded the decision that could have set him free.

Family feeling relief tonight, on May 13, saying it's nothing short of a miracle that the Wisconsin parole commission took back their ruling to parole this man. Family went to Madison today, looking for help.

Johanna Balsewicz was going through a divorce in 1997 when her estranged husband Douglas Balsewicz busted into her home and stabbed her 40 times while the couple's small children watched.

"My brother tried to get to the phone to call 911, but she was laying on top of it on the floor and he ended up carrying me outside, the neighbors found us," said Nikkole Nelson, the victim's daughter.

Nelson was just two at the time. Today, on May 13, she and others who loved Johanna went to Madison, hoping a little pressure might reverse the Wisconsin parole commission's plan to release Johanna's killer next week.

"We just don't want Doug on the streets, a reversal of this parole. He has just not served enough time and we're all scared out here," said a family member of Johanna.

"I think it's awesome that they, the family all did that. They went out of their way and got a hold of a lot of people," said Nelson.

Even the governor himself sent a letter to Commission Chairman John Tate, calling the case disturbing and horrific, and requesting immediate and expeditious reconsideration. Hours later, family read us the letter they received minutes earlier.

"I have placed the parole grant on hold effective immediately and will be rescinding my previous approval of parole, John Tate, Chairman. I'm glad that they've reversed it obviously, but I think it's kind of crappy that it took all this pressure on everyone for them to see how it affects everyone and why it shouldn't have been in place to begin with," said Nelson.

Douglas Balsewicz is 54 years old. Hi sentence carries another 55 years on it. Republican Governor Rebecca Kleefisch is calling for John Tate to be fired.

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