ESPN Ranks Bucks Bobblehead Toothbrush Holder Giveaway as Best of Season

ESPN has ranked the top five promotional giveaways for the upcoming NBA season. According to ESPN, "most NBA teams don't seem to be trying that hard in the promotional giveaway space; they don't have to. They have half the amount of home games as baseball teams and the ability to affect the attendance for a bad matchup sometimes isn't worth the cost of an item."

The number one promo item went to the Milwaukee Bucks for their Miles Plumlee Bobblehead Toothbrush holder. ESPN had this to say about the giveaway, "we thought every bobblehead idea had been done and then came the Milwaukee Bucks, with this brilliant bobblehead that holds a toothbrush and is sponsored by a dentist. Just perfect."

That dentist is Dental Associates whose marketing manager Darin Schumacher said, "we’re always looking for fun ways to engage kids and get them to brush their teeth twice a day."

Dental Associates will distribute 5,000 of the Toothbrush Holder Bobbleheads on Sunday, February 26 to children 14-years-old and younger. The Bucks play the Phoenix Suns at 2:30 PM that day.

Last year, Dental Associates gave 5,000 away Bango Toothbrush Holder Bobbleheads during the March 12 game against the New Orleans Pelicans.\\

To see the full ESPN list of top giveaways click here.

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