English bulldog and Chihuahua Escaping from Yard Ends with Two Women Bitten

The dog attack incident that occurred yesterday afternoon in Kenosha started when an English Bulldog, along with a chihuahua, ran from their owner’s yard.   
It happened in the 1900 block of 76 Street.
A 30 year-old woman attempted to corral the smaller dog when the Bulldog began biting her causing injuries. This 30 year-old area resident was later treated and released for the injuries.  
A 52 year-old woman, attempted to assist the first victim and was able to temporarily leash the Bulldog until  Kenosha Police Officers arrived.  As officers were attempting to place the dog into the back seat area of a squad car, the Bulldog broke free and began biting the 52 year-old woman, knocking her to the ground causing severe injuries to her legs.  
Officers attempted to use a tares on the Bulldog at one point and were unsuccessful in gaining control of the dog.  The 52 year-old woman was inadvertently struck by one of the taser probes as part of the officer’s actions to stop the attack. 
Officers shot the dog multiple times in their attempts to stop the attack on the woman and were successful in stopping.  One of the shots from the officers appeared to have passed through the Bulldog striking the 52 year-old woman in her foot.  The injuries and gunshot wound were not life threatening.  The 52 year-old woman continues to be treated for her injuries at this time.   
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