Encouraging WI Companies to Hire People with Autism

PEWAUKEE-- The Autism Society of Southeastern Wisconsin is encouraging Wisconsin companies to hire more people with disabilities.

On Monday, they held a seminar called \"Different - Not Less: Successful Employment for Adults With Autism.\"

Governor Scott Walker was invited, to speak about his efforts with the Program called Project Search.

\"(The program) focuses on getting employers to identify the unique abilities that people who are identified as having disabilities bring to the table,\" said Governor Walker.

Dr. Temple Grandin was the main speaker at the event in Pewaukee. She was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 2, but didn't let that stop her from pursuing a career. She is now a Doctor in Animal Science and a Professor at Colorado State University.

\"People get too locked into the label. We need to look at what the person can do,\" said Dr. Grandin.

There are already 7 employers across the state of Wisconsin that participate in \"Project Search,\" and according to the Governor, they are setting a great example.

\"A woman who worked at a hospital here in the state through the program Project Search was identified as having a unique ability to work at a hospital... someone with acute autism who ended up sterilizing equipment, that's a great example,\" said Walker.

The Governor says he is providing additional funding to the program this year with hopes they will be able to add add 20 more employers this year.

For more information about the Autism Society, visit their website: http://www.assew.org/


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