Emergency needs increase at Fond du Lac Humane Society

The Fond du Lac Humane Society is asking for the public's help after a month of taking in animals with serious medical conditions. 

"This last 6-8 weeks has just been unbelievable with animals coming in with broken legs, broken hips, eyes that need to be removed. A lot more major medical than we can handle," said Renee Webb of the humane society. 

Webb says it happens more often than you would think but the list of animals with special needs is so great right now 

"Hope had two fractures to her back leg, Jax was hit by car and has a broken hip. Boss here is doing wonderful with treatment; he came in at four weeks and no one knows why all the sudden  he couldn't walk or stand," said Webb. 

Sadly, many of these animals were pets. 

"The fix was to bring them to the humane society but I don't have a pot of gold under my desk," said Webb. 

The humane society says each animal that comes into the shelter is an individual and their needs are treated as such.

"So we're not gonna euthanize them just because he has a broken leg. We're not gonna euthanize a cat because it needs its eye removed. We're gonna get them medical care even though we're looking at a budget of $0," said Webb. 

Webb says footing the bill is costing the shelter thousands each day and says while the humane society will always care for animals in need--it's also time for pet owners to step up. 

"You have to have a back up plan, I mean what if someone stepped on him?" said Webb. 

Here's a link to the shelter's website, with details on a raffle and haunted house: http://www.fdlhumane.org/

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