Elm Grove native appears on Late Show with Stephen Colbert

NOW: Elm Grove native appears on Late Show with Stephen Colbert

ELM GROVE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- If you've seen Friends, How I Met Your Mother, Grey's Anatomy, or NCIS then chances are, you've seen Elm Grove native Mary Gallagher.

She's also a comedian who will be appearing on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert. 

Gallagher says that she's wanted to be on Colbert for a while and that being from Wisconsin gives her lots of standup material. It's finally happening as the Elm Grove native gets ready to make her late night debut. She submitted her routine, and they asked her to come on the show.

"I feel like doctors are always hitting on me. Do you feel that way, like doctors are always hitting on me?" That's just one line from her Colbert comedy routine but you may recognize Gallagher from other Hollywood roles.

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The comedian grew up in Elm Grove, went to college at University of Wisconsin Green Bay, and worked with Second City in Chicago before moving out to Los Angeles.

Gallagher spoke with CBS 58's Lindsey Branwall via satellite and recalled the time she delivered a singing telegram to a Green Bay Packer.

"I played Adam Goldberg's girlfriend on Friends, I came in with a fish tank. A lot of people know me from the fish tank, my character's name was Tilly."

The Elm Grove native loves to talk about her ties to Wisconsin, including her best friend Julie Vallejo, who lives in Waukesha. They've been friends since they were 4-years-old.

"My favorite is when she says 'I am lactose intolerant, so when the state of Wisconsin discovered this, they pretty much kicked me out," said Julie Vallejo.

Gallagher says Vallejo is her comedy inspiration.

"Julie Vallejo is most funny, talented person I know, and really what I did was I saw how funny she was and I just stole everything she ever said or did, and I've really made a living in Los Angeles just being her," said Gallagher.

Vellejo recalls Gallagher's funny bone and acting skills played an early role in their friendship.


Wisconsin shows up a lot in Mary's standup. Gallagher says her appearance on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert will be no exception to Wisconsin-inspired comedy.

"I do a lot of material about my daughter, also talk about my parents who are from Wisconsin and former Marines, so hopefully they won't get too upset with me tonight," Gallagher said.

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