Elderly man crashes car into shed and home in Greenfield

GREENFIELD-- As neighbors look at the trail of damage, Wayne Liss still remembers watching this SUV fly through several yards Thursday afternoon.

"You don't see things like this going through your backyard, you're more likely to see it coming through your front yard," said Wayne Liss, a witness.

It began when a 70-year old man lost control of his vehicle-- you can still see tire tracks in the ground where he crashed into a shed.

"I saw it come through this shed, like an explosion," said Liss.

"All of the sudden I heard this thing BOOM! And I said that doesn't sound right, and then I heard another boom," said Joan Gerassimoff, a neighbor.

The second boom happened at a home, near South 124th and West Holmes in Greenfield.

"I came out and I said, 'oh my God,'" said Gerassimoff.

The SUV crashed into the kitchen. No one was home at the time, but the elderly man and his 66-year old wife were wedged into the car.

"I ran over right away, I called 911," said Liss.

"It's possible the male driver had some type of medical event which caused him to black out," said Sgt. Ray Radokovich, with Greenfield Police Department.

First responders had to cut off the top of the SUV to free the couple.

Police say they were treated at the hospital for minor injuries, but the crash raises some concern about elderly drivers, which is why they encourage anyone with elderly parents or grandparents to sit down with their loved ones.

"They really need to take a long hard look at whether their skills are what they were when they were able to drive in a reasonable and safe manner," said Sgt. Radakovich.

Wisconsin currently does not have any provisions that restrict the elderly from driving.

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