El Rey and other Local Businesses to Close for "Day without Latinos"

Thursday has been declared a "Day without Latinos" in Wisconsin. Two groups who oppose two bills they consider 'anti-immigrant' will host the rally. 

In the Milwaukee area, Hispanic businesses will be shutting down for the day in support of the demonstration.

One of the businesses is the El Rey Grocery Store on Milwaukee's South Side.  This store has not closed down like this before, but tomorrow, many of its 400-workers will head to Madison for the demonstration. 

Colleagues with our sister station, Telemundo Wisconsin, spoke with the store owner who said it's important to support the Hispanic community

"It will affect everybody if this law goes in effect.  That's why we want to send a strong message that we need Latinos.  And tomorrow's gonna be a day without Latinos and a lot of business and people are gonna notice."

A caravan of buses and cars will leave Milwaukee tomorrow morning for a demonstration that starts at 11:00 AM.  CBS 58 and Telemundo will be working together tomorrow to bring you coverage of those events from Madison.

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