Dunkin' Donuts fights for license

 This Dunkin' Donuts is now closed from 12 AM to 5 AM after their extended hours license was not renewed by the council on April 21st. 

The reason? Panhandlers. The owner says it's not fair to place all the blame on her business and now there may be a much bigger legal battle brewing.

\"People have a constitutional right to stand on the street and ask for money and you have a constitutional right to say no,\" said Alderman Bob Bauman. 

But what if stopping the panhandling problem  means shutting down your business? Bauman says residents in the 600 block of West Wisconsin have horror stories.

\"Entering the Wisconsin Tower, people go up the elevator of the building, people defecating in the elevator of the building,\" said Bauman. 

The residents say that they have one business to blame.

\"Their major concern was with the Dunkin' Donut shop. People loitering, people sitting in there just hanging out and then causing disruption out on the street,\" said Bauman. 

He says its so bad residents and a redevelopment group, Westown Association wanted both the donut shop and the convenience store owned by the same people gone. 

\"We basically just dealt with the extended hours permit at this point but the residents at that condominium wanted all those businesses shut down,\" said Bauman. 


Other businesses in the area we spoke with say panhandling is a growing problem but they're not so sure it can be linked back to businesses that are open late at night.


Meanwhile the owner of Dunkin' Donuts is suing the city over the decision but Bauman says that might force the city to take another step. 

\"If we're going to be pursuing further court actions and further efforts to keep Dunkin' Donuts open 24 hours we may have to see what evidence exists to go after the food dealer license.\"

(Reporter) \"So potentially if they keep up with this fight of trying to keep the business open 24 hours they might lose their food license?\"

\"Absolutely,\" said Bauman. 

For the record, we checked and Dunkin' Donuts has passed their most recent food health inspection. The owner of the store says she is willing to pay for extra security and surveillance in the overnight hours. There will be a hearing on the injunction on Friday.

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