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Drug Testing For Benefits Begins

Governor Scott Walker's plan to drug test for benefits kicks in today. 

"They can drug test me if they wanna."

Joyce Evans uses food stamps and supports Governor Walker's plan to screen recipients for drugs before they get their benefits.

Evans says, "I feel most people should be tested because we have a lot of mothers out here who their kids aren't eating, they're selling the stamps for drugs, and some of us who need them can't get them."

Starting November 9th anyone using Transform Milwaukee, the Transitional Jobs Program, W-2 services, and the court ordered Child First Program-- will have to test clean for drugs. If they are drug users, they'll be entered into a drug treatment program or lose their benefits. But if they relapse in treatment more than once-- they'll lose their benefits. 

Governor Scott Walker released a statement saying-- 

"These important entitlement reforms will help more people find family-supporting jobs, moving them from government dependence to true independence." 

But Milwaukee Representative Mandela Barnes says Governor Walker's thinking is flawed. And other states have found similar laws unconstitutional.

Rep. Barnes says, "We call it villianizing the poor, assuming there's a huge percentage of people who are receiving food share benefits, who are abusing drugs."

But this food stamp user says it may help some people with their addictions.

Evans says, "If they can open some centers or places to get some of these people some help. Maybe they won't be on the drugs, but there aren't a lot of places out here to help them."

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