Drug dealing parents offer child as collateral to undercover officer

MILWAUKEE -- 32-year-old Blair Larose and 26-year-old Ashley Fay are facing criminal charges after selling drugs to undercover members of the Racine County Metro Drug Unit. The couple even went as far as to offer their child as collateral during a drug deal with an undercover law enforcement officer.

The Racine County Sheriff's Office says Larose and Fay sold heroin to undercover agents three times. The couple had their children, aged one-years-old and three-years-old,  in the car with them during one of those controlled buys. Larose and Fay then offered one of their children as collateral while they go get the heroin the undercover agent wanted to purchase.

Larose and Fay were arrested on June 17, 2014, during a traffic stop in the City of Burlington. Their children were taken into protective custody by the Kenosha Human Services.


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