"Drop it, drop everything:" 3 family members charged after stabbing during drug-related robbery

FOX POINT, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Three Fox Point family members are now facing charges of possession with intent to deliver narcotics and maintaining a drug trafficking place.

According to the criminal complaint, officers spoke to a stabbing victim on November 15. The victim stated that he went to visit one of the suspects, Daniel O'Dwyer, an individual who he had purchased Marijuana from approximately 25 times in the past. The victim also told police he was intending to steal the marijuana that night.

The victim told police that he arrived at the house on N. Port Washington Road with one other person. The two of them then allegedly entered the defendant's room where the defendant was weighing Marijuana out of a large bag. One of the victims then allegedly grabbed the bag and attempted to run out of the room. 

In the hallway outside of Daniel's room, the victim said Patricia O'Dwyer obstructed his way and that the doors were locked. One of the victims then said he was stabbed by either Daniel or Patricia. The other man with the victim told a similar version of events.

Francis O'Dwyer then allegedly grabbed the victim and yelled: "Drop it, drop everything."

The two men then exited the house, jumped in a waiting car, and drove to the hospital.

Fox Point police executed a search warrant of the home on November 16. Upon entering, the officers noted the strong odor of burnt Marijuana emanating throughout the residence. Dried blood was also located near the front door.

Numerous drug paraphernalia and packaging materials were located in Daniel's bedroom.

The three family members will have their preliminary hearing on December 4.

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