Drivers discuss getting around on a snowy Sunday

NOW: Drivers discuss getting around on a snowy Sunday

RACINE (CBS 58) -- Traveling in snowy weather requires a certain grip on the wheel. 

"Not white knuckle, but definitely I was glad I got a start while it was still light," said Jane Kolf, who was driving from Oshkosh, Wisconsin to Chicago. 

"The driving has been intense," she said. 

"Without the four-wheel drive, I’d probably be slipping," said Josh Schumacher. 

Schumacher, and other drivers across Southeast Wisconsin, did what they cold Sunday to avoid slipping, while witnessing some who did. 

"There’s one a couple exits back, he missed the exit completely," said Schumacher. 

There were several crashes around the area, including one involving two Milwaukee County Sheriff's Deputies, who were in a squad car guarding a crash scene, when they the squad they were in was hit by a car. 

Another person was also in the vehicle. 

No serious injuries were reported, but according to the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office, it was the fourth crash involving a Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office Squad or deputy in the past 23 days. 

On a snowy day like Sunday, those who did travel, said they were ready for the snow to end. 

"I’m done with it, spring needs to come."

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