Driver Dies after South Milwaukee Crash on Snowy Roads

At approximately 1:50 PM Tuesday, March 1 South Milwaukee Fire Department received notification from Dispatch of a car that struck a building in the 3600 block of South Chicago Avenue at the Lakeshore Medical Clinic. Officers arrived on scene first, gained access to the pulseless and non-breathing driver and removed him from the vehicle.

As evidenced from the pictures, the vehicle did not strike the building and, in fact, missed several objects including a for sale sign, a fire hydrant, and a row of bushes before coming to rest near the clinic on the side of the small hill.

Firefighters arrived on scene, moved the patient into the clinic and began advanced life support resuscitation efforts. Unfortunately, the patient was pulseless and non-breathing nearly the entire time, only gaining a pulse for brief periods before the Doctor at Medical Control ceased resuscitation efforts.

The driver was pronounced deceased on the scene.

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