Drink Coffee to Your Heart's Content on This National Coffee Day

If you're a little more jittery today, you might have a good reason.  It's National Coffee Day, a time to raise your mugs and drink up.  I had the chance to visit Stone Creek Coffee this morning in downtown Milwaukee to learn about what it takes to make a really good cup of Joe.  A couple of coffee connoisseurs from the shop were able to teach me.  One of biggest lessons, at least for me, is never keep coffee in the refrigerator.  Instead, store it in a seal-tight contained at room temperature.  Also, keep the beans whole until you'll actually be using it. So this means, you should probably buy a good grinder.

The folks at Stone Creek write blogs and do podcasts on the topic of making good coffee.  Just log onto www.stonecreekcoffee.com and click on the "Learning" tab at the top of the homepage.  Also, on this National Coffee Day, many retailers are offering either free or discounted cups of java.  To find out where, just click on the attached link on this page.  

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