Dr. Noah's Ark Veterinary Clinic shuts down following owner's death

SHOREWOOD, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Dr. Noah's Ark Veterinarian Clinic has shut down after the owner died by suicide last week, according to an email sent to clients.

Dr. Becky Banks notified clients of Noah's Ark Veterinary Clinic in Shorewood that they will be closing immediately.

"Noah's family notified me that the Ark will be shutting down immediately," Banks wrote in an email to clients. "My hands are tied in terms of any other services I can legally provide through the Ark. It no longer exists."

Dr. Noah Arnold opened the clinic in 2017. The Milwaukee County Medical Examiner's Office confirmed Arnold died by suicide last week. It comes after Arnold was facing sexual harassment claims and allegations of a hostile work environment.

Banks revealed to clients she's been working to open her own veterinary clinic over the last several months and said she stayed at the Ark "while establishing my own clinic to not abandon my patients and to provide continuity of care."

"My goal is to have my new clinic's bare bones set up swiftly so that I can continue to provide care over the next months until we open in July as Riverwest Veterinary Clinic," Banks said.

Clients who need medical records are encouraged to contact the Ark, according to Banks email.  

Banks added her staff at the new clinic are ramping up efforts to provide medical services and asked for patience as they are working with limited capacity to assist. 

You can reach them at: [email protected] 

"Unless you are a current patient in need of an urgent refill, please wait a few weeks to email about establishing care," Banks said.  

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