Dr. Noah's Vet Clinic sued for sexual harassment, DEA revokes license to treat pets

NOW: Dr. Noah’s Vet Clinic sued for sexual harassment, DEA revokes license to treat pets

SHOREWOOD Wis. (CBS 58) -- The owner of a Shorewood veterinarian clinic is being sued for sexual harassment claims and allegations of a hostile work environment.

A former employee of Dr. Noah's Ark Veterinarian Clinic filed a complaint with the U.S. Eastern District Court of Wisconsin, alleging wrongful termination after reporting numerous incidents of inappropriate sexual misconduct by the clinic's owner, Dr. Noah Arnold.

Arnold is being sued by his former receptionist for a "constant series of inappropriate interactions and incidents that made her fear for her job and personal safety," according to the complaint.

The 27-year-old alleges when she raised concerns to human resources about Arnold’s conduct she was fired and is now seeking punitive damages. Arnold is also accused of having multiple affairs with co-workers and pressuring employees to lie to his wife, who he has three children with.

In one instance, Arnold describes in detail having an affair with his best friends' wife who performed oral sex while "high on valium," according to the complaint, then "showed the Plaintiff and her co-workers sexual explicit photographs of the friends wife" throughout the workday.

He also allegedly engaged in sexual conduct in examination rooms at the clinic and often told his employees to not enter the room.

Arnold was not available to comment after CBS 58 left messages on his cell phone and at the clinic.

This is the second sexual harassment claim filed against the Shorewood doctor over the course of three years.

In 2020, two former employees filed suit detailing similar uncomfortable scenarios at the workplace. One employee said she felt "trapped" and "hopeless" after Arnold's wife didn't take her concerns about inappropriate conduct seriously.

The complaint claims Arnold often talked about his sexual encounters at work, including references to "blowjobs, erect nipples, and adulterous affairs he was having, which he claimed often involved drugs."

Cade Law Group, who represented the ex-staffers, said the case was settled outside of court in 2021 with all parties involved signing non-disclosure agreements. The law firm added both women were paid off. 

DEA Revokes Drug License

Clients of Dr. Noah's Ark Veterinary Clinic could be running to issues the next time they try to seek care for their pets.

In February, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration raided the vet clinic, revoking Arnold's DEA license to administer certain drugs to animals.

A spokesman for the agency said Arnold voluntarily surrendered his license, which restricts his ability to "prescribe, administer or dispense Schedule II through V controlled substances," according to a statement provided to CBS 58.

Without the license, Arnold is unable to prescribe certain pain medications such as hydrophone, morphine, methadone, and ketamine. It also prevents him from performing procedures if animals have to be sedated, and no longer can treat or screen for heartworm among other things.

It's likely to cause headaches for clients who signed up for Arnold's all-inclusive pet package, which can cost upwards to $5,000 for unlimited care for pets, according to the clinic's website.

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