Milwaukee DPW: Snow plow removal process "on target"

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Milwaukee city leaders met Wednesday morning to talk about the city's response to recent snow.

At the meeting, the Department of Public Works said extensive planning helped make sure snow removal goes smoothly.

After Monday's snow, some people had questions when the department said it installed front plow blades on the trucks at 9 a.m., hours after snow had been falling.

DPW's Director of Operations Laura Daniels addressed the questions on Wednesday saying once the blades are put on, the trucks have to carry less salt, so they wanted to get enough salt on the roads.

Daniels said the department feels good going into the next snowfall.

"You know we don't control how fast the snow falls or what type of snow it is," Daniels said. "But our reaction to the snow has been on target and planned and everybody is ready to continue with whatever is needed to do with whatever winter brings us."

Daniels said the department is also trying to avoid leaf piles collected by residents. The leaf collection deadline has been extended to November 24.

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