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Dozens of Harley riders are taking place in the "Ride for Life"

NOW: Dozens of Harley riders are taking place in the “Ride for Life“


Dozens of Harley Riders are on their way to Pennsylvania as part of the "Ride for Life." we were there today as they took off from their headquarters in Milwaukee.

This is part of a 30-year partnership with the Muscular Dystrophy Association and the continued efforts to find a cause and treatment for neuromuscular diseases, among them ALS and improve the life for MDA families.

"People with muscle disease are fighting for their freedom and people who ride Harley Davidson's are enjoying the freedom of the open road so it's a great match, it's a great fit and it's something we're proud of," said Mike Kennedy, the VP Managing Director for Harley-Davidson.

The riders will make several stops on their 1,000-mile journey. They'll arrive on Sunday for the main event which has raised more than 20 million dollars over the last three decades. 

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