Dozens join Jacob Blake's uncle outside Kenosha County Courthouse as Rittenhouse testifies

NOW: Dozens join Jacob Blake’s uncle outside Kenosha County Courthouse as Rittenhouse testifies


KENOSHA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Dozens of people joined Jacob Blake's uncle outside the courthouse Wednesday night, Nov. 10, calling for a guilty verdict.

On what was perhaps the biggest day for the defense, about 50 people turned out, starting on the steps of the courthouse, saying it was uncomfortable to hear Kyle Rittenhouse in his own words, recounting that night.

Among the crowd were some who call Kenosha their home.

"Why did a 17-year-old come to Kenosha armed with a gun?" said resident Devynn Johnson.

Others came up from Chicago, saying testimony by Kyle Rittenhouse seemed rehearsed.

"It was a circus. It was an act. You could tell by his testimony," said Bishop Tavis Grant of the Rainbow Push Coalition.

Just after sunset, the group marched around Civic Center Park, changing "Know justice, know peace" and saying it was difficult to watch Rittenhouse's testimony.

"I've been watching the entire trial and it breaks my heart to see a killer sitting there, and comfortable," said Johnson.

Justin Blake, Jacob Blake's uncle, led protesters around the block, megaphone in hand.

"You can't put lipstick on a pig, nor can you give this young man a haircut like Opy Taylor and think we gonna let him ride. He is a murderer," said Blake.

Following the march, prayers were said in the park where the violence began last year. 

Blake urged jurors to take a good look at the videotaped evidence from the night Jojo Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber were killed.

"Don't listen to what people are saying, don't let them spin the story, please. Let's concentrate on the videos," said Blake.

"Two people were killed that night and he should be held accountable for all of it," said Grant.

The defense continues its case Thursday and we'll continue to monitor the scene outside the courthouse as well.

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