Dozens gather for vigil held for Milwaukee Officer Kou Her

NOW: Dozens gather for vigil held for Milwaukee Officer Kou Her

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- At Albright United Methodist Church Monday, there was a feeling of loss.

The church was full of people who had gathered for a vigil to honor the life of Milwaukee Police Officer Kou Her, who was killed last week by an alleged drunk driver.

His loss has been felt by many, especially the Milwaukee Police Department.

"His memory will never be far from our hearts," said District 4 Captain Heather Wurth of the Milwaukee Police Department, where Her worked.

"Our grief and our sorrow in the Milwaukee Police Department is palpable," Wurth said.

Mayor Tom Barrett also spoke at the vigil.

"Officer Her is a hero in this city," he said.

Her's death has also impacted the Hmong community.

"It's a great loss to the Hmong in Milwaukee, the Hmong in Wisconsin, and the Hmong throughout the United States," said Zong Sae Va, President of the Hmong 18 Council of Wisconsin.

Members of Her's family were all asked to come to the front of the church as the family spokesperson addressed those who had gathered at the vigil.

"The loss of our beloved Officer Her has devastated his family," said Long Her. "We can all agree that his life was taken too soon."

A life taken too soon, prosecutors say, by a drunk driver. Records indicate the suspect had four OWI convictions prior to the crash that killed Officer Her, and his driving privilege was revoked at the time of the collision.

"As we all stand here tonight to remember, to honor, and to pay our respect to Officer Her for his public service, let's not forget what brought us here to unite us -- drunk driving kills," said Long Her.

A death that has dimmed the light for many gathered at the vigil.

"Our bright light become darkness and the fortune become sorrow."

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