Dozens dive into icy water in honor of Ellen

DELAFIELD -- We did finally see a break in the frigid weather over the last few days, but it's still nowhere near warm enough to swim.


But that's exactly what a hearty group of people did Saturday. They took the polar plunge in memory of Ellen Smith. Ellen died of a rare cancer last year. About 50 people took the plunge in 2013 after Ellen was first diagnosed.

\"Last year she was able to see some of it but couldn't stay down here for the jumping portion,\" Ellen's husband Rick Smith said.  \"But this year I know she was up there looking down on us and watched the whole thing so it makes me feel good.\"

This year around 80 people took the plunge. They raised around $25,000. That will go toward the Medical College in Wauwatosa for cancer research.

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