Downed trees block streets on Milwaukee's north side as residents wait for city crews to clear storm damage

NOW: Downed trees block streets on Milwaukee’s north side as residents wait for city crews to clear storm damage

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- It's day three of storm cleanup and power restoration across Milwaukee County.

Residents across Southeast Wisconsin are dealing with the damage, including on Milwaukee's north side.

  • 20th & Nash
  • 21st & Keefe
  • 23rd & Capitol

Three locations on Milwaukee's north side blocked, in some way, by downed trees in the road.

Near 20th & Nash, residents wonder when city crews will come here.

"And if they don't watch out there'll be an accident because sometimes the cars line up -- they come and they don't know the trees are down and they have to turn back. It's a big problem across the street," said resident Kivesta.

In a statement, Brian DeNeve with the City of Milwaukee Department of Public Works told CBS 58:

"DPW has more than 1,300 tree service requests, 70% are of a critical level: downed trees on houses, buildings, or cars and those blocking the traffic flow on public right of way. These instances are our top priority and are not limited to the north side. Our Forestry crews continue working in full force and have been out non-stop and will continue clean-up efforts, including through the weekend. There is no detailed timeline possible for specific locations."

"This really was a severe storm," said Mayor Tom Barrett. "I'm here on 16th & North Ave. and I see a tree truck that just turned the corner right there."

Barrett, noting the storm damage, is asking people to be patient -- including those who are still without power.

"Personally, we don't have power at my home yet, but I know a lot of homes have had their power restored," he added.

Back on 20th & Nash, north side resident Anita says she's called the city at least twice about the trees.

"I couldn't get through to them on Tuesday, but I got ahold of them Wednesday," said Anita.

And now, she's focusing on the brighter side of the storm.

"This is kind of a busy street and it kind of gives us a little break of the noise," she explained.

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