Dontre Hamilton's family is taking action

Milwaukee - The family of Dontre Hamilton and their attorney filed a notice of injury against the City of Milwaukee, involving actions by the Milwaukee Police Department. The notice was filed on the same day the Hamilton family met with Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn.

\"He sympathized with our family and what we're going through. We have enough sympathy. We need answers. Says, Nate Hamilton. The brother of Dontre Hamilton.

\"They also indicated they would not at all at this point release the officer's identity or any information regarding his injuries.\" Says Jonathan Safran. Safran is the attorney representing the Hamilton family.

This Saturday will mark exactly four months since 31-year-old Dontre Hamilton died at Red Arrow Park at the hands of a Milwaukee Police officer. 

In the notice of injury, there are allegations the unnamed officer walked up to Dontre Hamilton while sleeping at Red Arrow Park on the afternoon of April 30th. The officer allegedly decided to wake up Hamilton using his wooden baton. According to the notice of injury, the officer searched Hamilton for \"no legally justifiable reason\", and that led to a scuffle between the officer and Hamilton, where Hamilton took the officer's baton, and the officer fired his gun.

\"When you have a situation where the officer shot 14 times, and he is alleging to have been in fear of his life, and there is an accusation he's been struck in the head, in the face with a baton; when we don't see any injuries, that's something the family is concerned about.\" Says, Jonathan Safran.

So far, the Hamilton family has not made a decision yet if they will file a lawsuit. The family has up to 3 years to file a lawsuit from the date of the incident.

\"Depending on the investigation and the way things are looking now, it's likely we're going to. I'm not saying it's 100 percent, but now it's looking like we will.\" Says, Nate Hamilton.

The District Attorney's office has not made a decision if any charges will be filed against the officer involved in Hamilton's death. The District Attorney's office and Police Department chose not to comment on the matter at this time. CBS 58 also reached out to the Mayor's office regarding this matter, but have not heard back.

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