Donald Trump Holds Town Hall in Downtown Milwaukee

Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump, held a town hall event at the Pabst Theatre in Downtown Milwaukee. It was a very calm environment outside of the theatre.

There were security on hand and Milwaukee police officers directing traffic.

Paulette Delcas drove up from Georgia. This is her 16th Trump event and her daughter's 7th event.

They started their trip on Sunday and said the unrest that was going on here in Milwaukee did worry her.

"I was really upset, had tickets on hand, woke up Sunday morning, first I put on TV and see Milwaukee on fire,” Delcas said. “Upsetting of course for our safety but you know it just proves to me that I need to come here and stick with my plan."

"I made the promise to myself and to my family that if I felt at any point in time that it wasn't the right thing that we would turn around and come home," Delcas said.

Terry Honeck, Franklin resident, said he was also worried about what may happen.

"It gave me a little bit of a concern but I thought that the police were taking care of those things and if we can't come down to something like this then our rights are gone so we need to be able to do this," Honeck said.

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