Donald Trump Holds Event at Pabst Theater

Milwaukee Police has officers directing traffic near Pabst Theater.

They put up barricades making sure everything runs smooth.

It has been a very controlled environment here outside of the Pabst Theater.

There were no issues or protestors.

This was not been the case in the past at Donald Trump's events here in Milwaukee.

CBS 58 spoke to a lady who drove up from Georgia.

This is her 16th Trump event and her daughter's 7th event.

They started their trip on Sunday and said the unrest that was going on here in Milwaukee did worry her.

"I was really upset, had tickets on hand, woke up Sunday morning, 1st thing I put on TV and see Milwaukee on fire and it was very upsetting to me, upsetting of course for our safety but you know it just proves to me that  I need to come here and stick with my plan,” said Paulette Delcas.

She also said that if she came here and felt in danger she would leave and go back home but that has not been the case so far.

People in the meantime are still making their way inside for the town hall meeting which starts at 6.

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