Don Smiley holds press conference on Milwaukee County Bus Strike

Summerfest's Don Smiley spoke to the strike's effect on Summerfest.

\"It's no secret that this is happening during Summerfest. This will negatively impact Summerfest, our attendance, and business,\" Smiley said. \"Three days out of 11 days without buses is an eternity, even one day. It has an impact.\"

Summerfest estimates 15 to 20% of attendees use buses to get to the festival.

Summerfest is investigating options for workers who use the bus.

\"This didn't happen in February, it's happening to the build up to July 4th. I will say this, this is the 48th year for Summerfest. Summerfest has a lot of staying power. I think people will find a way to get here. I can't tell you we'll meet our projected attendance, but I think people love this festival and they will get creative to get here,\" Smiley said.

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