Domes Closing Impacts Groups and Brides

News of the Mitchell Park Domes closing have left a lot of people in a bad position. Events and brides are all scrambling to find another location.

"A lot of people are affected."

Timothy Duer spent all year planning the "collectible all-scale train exhibit" with other train lovers. It was supposed to be at the domes last weekend, but it was canceled. 

Timothy Duer says, "I think last year there were 8 thousand people, that's a lot of people disappointed."

The closure came after workers found a piece of the desert domes' structure crumbling. County officials say an overhaul would cost between 5 to 15 million dollars. Members of the train exhibit said the news caught them by surprise.

"We just finished putting up all our displays, all our layouts from all the different clubs in there. We had to tell them, unfortunately the domes are closed, we have to take our lay outs out."

Representatives at the domes tell us they're trying to find other venues in the Milwaukee County System for weddings that had to be moved.  

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