Dog Suffering Severe Head Trauma left in Camping Bag on Hunting Grounds in Northern Wisconsin

A dog suffering a severe head trauma was found in a camping bag by people who were out near hunting grounds north of Portage in the Town of Fort Winnebago.

A humane society staff member was told the dog was found in a large camping type bag that was zipped up.

The dog suffered head trauma and was left in the bag. Portage Veterinary Clinic’s Dr. Cooper examined her.

He scored her body condition as a 1 out of 9.

She has a very large mammary tumor and needed immediate attention for her head wounds.

The dog needed 19 staples to close her head wounds.

She is on antibiotics and pain medication.

“We are furious this dog suffered whatever trauma she suffered and was discarded like trash,” said the humane society on its Facebook page.

She is currently at the humane society and on the mend.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Columbia County Sheriff’s Department.

Their number is 608-742-4166. 

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