Dog Bites Jogger, West Bend Police Need Help Identifying the Owner

WEST BEND - Two citizens were jogging in the area of S. 7th Av. and Walnut Street when they passed a woman walking two dogs.

According to police, one of those two dogs lunged at and bit the man that was jogging. That man did not realize initially that he was injured until the female walking the dogs was no longer in the area.

The West Bend Police say the woman walking the dogs is described as a white female and approximately 14-years-old. The description of the first dog is a white Great Pyrenees. The description of the second dog is a brown and white Bernese Mountain Dog.

The West Bend Police is asking for help in identifying the owner of dogs. 

Anyone with information to assist in this investigation is asked to call the West Bend Police department at 262-335-5000.

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