Doctor's advice: Keep following safety guidelines as Wisconsin reopens

Doctor’s advice: Keep following safety guidelines as Wisconsin reopens

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Since Wednesday night, May 13, some Wisconsinites have returned to bars and restaurants without wearing masks.

Ascension Medical Group Primary Medical Care Director Patricia Golden says it’s not safe to join them.

“You’re going into a confined space," Golden said. "There’s a lot of people. As you look around, there could be a lot of asymptomatic people who are spreading the virus.”

She says wearing a mask in public, washing your hands, and social distancing are all still important, even for small family gatherings.

“Any of my family members who are a mature age, I don’t recommend that we have activities where we’re in close proximity.”

UW Medical Foundation Professor David O’Connor says medical knowledge is improving.

They’ve learned putting people on their stomach can help, and that too many patients arrive at the hospital after their oxygen has already dropped dangerously low.

“If we can get people to the hospital before that happens, their outcomes are going to be better,” O'Connor said.

Golden says the rules were in place for a reason, so be careful about where you go, and guidelines like keeping groups to less than ten are still the best practices.

“We need to learn how to live with COVID," Golden said. "We know that we can’t all stay confined to our homes, but we have to be really smart about it.”

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