"Do you want to die?" 33-year-old suspect now charged after threatening passengers on Greyhound Bus

LAKE COUNTY, Ill (CBS 58) -- 33-year-old Margarito Vargas-Rojas has now been charged after allegedly threatening passengers on a Greyhound Bus on January 12.

Vargas-Rosas is now charged with Making Terrorist Threats and Disorderly Conduct.

According to the criminal complaint, the incident began at the Milwaukee Intermodal Station on Friday night. While waiting for the Greyhound Bus, Vargas-Rojas was found to be intoxicated and allegedly threatened to kill the security officer and his family.

The first 911 call was received by Milwaukee County, however, their squads were not able to locate the Greyhound bus and it continued out of their county. Squads from the Racine County Sheriff's Office were dispatched to the interstate shortly before 10 p.m. and deputies activated their emergency lights. The bus continued to drive.

Multiple tire deflation devices were used and the bus finally stopped 2.25 miles into Illinois on Interstate 94.

One of the passengers on the bus told police that she asked Vargas-Rosas to calm down after she saw him arguing with another man. Vargas-Rosas allegedly said to her, "Do you want to die? I will kill all you MF on this bus. My boys gon be at the bus stop in Chicago." The passenger heard that Vargas-Rosas was armed with a gun. The passenger also told police that when the bus finally stopped, Vargas-Rosas became more upset and started pacing the aisle, still threatening those on the bus.

According to a Lake County Deputy, Vargas-Rosas said that when he gets out he was going to shoot people, police officers, and military soldiers in Mexico. 

Police made contact with another passenger who Vargas-Rosas was originally arguing with. That passenger told police that the incident started when they were boarding the bus in Milwaukee. Vargas-Rosas was allegedly threatening him and told him, "a bullet was waiting for him." Vargas-Rosas also allegedly used racial slurs. The passenger told police that 10 minutes into the ride, he saw Vargas-Rosas pull something out of his waistband and place it on the seat. The passenger said he was very scared and crouched in his seat to call 911. While he was on the phone with police, the passenger said that Vargas-Rosas walked to the bathroom and said to him, "you dead mother f*****, you dead mother f*****."

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