Do you recognize these teenagers? Vandals wreck Estabrook Beer Garden

In the middle of the evening, when it was too dark to notice, two vandals decided to get into some trouble at the Estabrook Beer Garden. They tried breaking in with no luck. Then, for seemingly no reason, you see the teens completely destroy the place. At one point a teen took a metal bar and smashed it until wood pieces fly from the patio. At another point one teen lays on the ground kicking with as much force as possible, until more wood breaks. Manager Jon Clendenning was livid,

"It's just very upsetting to see how angry the two vandals were and how they looked like they had something personal against the beer garden,” Clendenning said.

Clendenning says the 3-year-old business has completely changed the park around. He couldn't understand why someone would tear it apart.

"How two teenagers could be so reckless and just destroy something beautiful for the sake of destroying it?" he said.

Clendenning hopes a parent or friend will notice the boys, one is wearing a camouflage hoodie and jeans with a backpack, the other is in a light colored hoodie and dark jeans.

If you recognize the boys, please call the Milwaukee Police Department.

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