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DNR steps up presence on lakes for Labor Day weekend

WAUKESHA COUNTY -- The dog days of summer are almost behind us.

\"Everybody's off on Monday, there's a lot going on. It's kind of an end of the year blowout.\" said Bryant Johnson. He's the general manager of Foolery's Liquid Therapy off Okauchee Lake, and he organzied a 50-plus boat party Sunday. 

There may be other days to get out on the lake before they freeze over, but on Okauchee Lake in Waukesha County, people are treating Sunday like a summer sendoff.

 \"As you can see it's a huge party enviroment. We really push for the non-drinking.\" Johnson said.

But drinking is allowed, so with so many people on the lake focused on having a good time, ohers are focused on safety.

Mitch Groenier is a convervation warden with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and says this is one the days where the DNR steps up enforcement.

\"Our big days are Labor Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July weekends where we're always out working.\" Groenier.

Sunday, he was looking for people who could really end hurting themselves or others on the lake.

 \"It's OWI enforcement here. Operating the boat while under the influence of  intoxicants. It's a civil forfiture the first time, the second time is a crime.\" Groenier said.

He says another big concern is people drinking on the boat, then stepping off and trying to drive home.

But Johnson says he is trying to make sure that doesn't happen at his boat party.

\"We pay for rides home if people have too much to drink. And we promote a good time and a safe time.\" he said.

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