DNR mandates electronic registration for deer hunters in 2015

After a test run in 2014 where thousands of hunters registered their kill, electronic registration will now be mandatory for all hunters in the upcoming 2015 deer season.

After immediately attaching and validating the carcass tag, hunters will have several options for registering their harvests.

  • Phone: Dial 1-844-426-3734 (1-844-GAME-REG) and follow the prompts to provide harvest information.
  • Online: On a computer or mobile device, go to gamereg.wi.gov and enter your harvest information.
  • In person: Visit a designated in-person station that offers a phone or computer to hunters for the purpose of registering your deer or bear. Hunters may locate in-person stations prior to the start of the fall hunting seasons at dnr.wi.gov, keyword "registration stations".


  • Registration of all deer and bear remains mandatory in Wisconsin and is the responsibility of the individual hunter. It is not an option.
  • Hunters will receive a 10-character confirmation number that must be written on the carcass tag attached to the deer or bear being registered. This will indicate to a conservation warden, wildlife biologist or meat processor that the animal has been properly registered.
    • To prevent smearing, use a permanent marker or ballpoint pen to write the confirmation number on the tag.
  • The carcass tag with confirmation number written on it must be retained by the hunter until the meat is consumed.
  • All deer and bear must be registered by 5 p.m. the day after the animal was recovered and tagged.
  • Although all registration is electronic, the department may still require tissue sampling in some cases.
    • Tooth samples from all harvested bears are required. Collection materials and instructions will be mailed to permit holders prior to the start of the bear season.
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