DNR Accepting Public Comment on Levels of Arsenic Being Released into Water

Monday is the final day the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is accepting public comments for new arsenic regulations for the WE Energies Oak Creek power plant.

This is a permit that needs to be renewed every five years, but there are new provisions inside.

It would place additional measures on the power plant's water quality, including new standards on the amount of arsenic allowed in the facility's discharged water.

The DNR wanted WE Energies to bring their arsenic level down a limit of point 2 parts per billion for each liter of water that was proposed to protect wildlife and human health.

But because Lake Michigan has a high levels of arsenic, we energies has requested a variance from the new limit.

Right now the Oak Creek plant removes between 95 to 99% of the arsenic levels.

A meeting was held last week to discuss the permit, but no public comments were given.

Once a final decision is made by the DNR, the Environmental Protection Agency or EPA will review the permit.

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