DNC Committee release daily COVID-19 health protocols for convention attendees

NOW: DNC Committee release daily COVID-19 health protocols for convention attendees


MILWAUKEE, Wis. (CBS 58) - Milwaukee is three weeks away from hosting the Democratic National Convention. On Monday, organizers shared health measures they’re implementing ahead of the event.

The scaled down DNC will be held from Aug. 17th through the 20th at the Wisconsin Center, but before guests can enter they’ll have to follow a few new guidelines.

The DNC Committee says after consulting with public health officials, they’ve come up with a robust list of health procedures. DNC attendees must wear a mask, agree to daily COVID-19 testing, and fill out a daily questionnaire that they’re not experiencing symptoms.

Visit Milwaukee CEO says she’s not surprised and fully expected this.

“Many of our hotels and our hospitality partners are doing some of those same things to make sure that people who come into contact with those locations are also safe,” said Peggy Williams-Smith, President and CEO of Visit Milwaukee.

Milwaukee Bucks Senior Vice President, Alex Lasry, is also on the same boat.

“I wouldn’t necessarily say they’re strict, I think they’re necessary and this is how you’re going to make sure that everyone involved is protected and health and safety is number one,” said Lasry.

The DNC says attendees traveling from outside of Milwaukee are encouraged to get tested before heading to the city and self-isolate for a minimum of 72-hours before traveling. People in Milwaukee are also encouraged to self-isolate for 72-hours before entering convention grounds.

“I’m proud that the DNC has put these measures forward and I think they’re being responsible in ensuring that everyone who’s coming is taking the utmost precaution,” adds Lasry.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett calls the health protocols “thoughtful and thorough,” he says in part:

“While it is important to protect every person attending the convention, it is also important to protect the entire Milwaukee community. These protocols establish reasonable requirements in order to prevent additional COVID-19 infections in Milwaukee.”

Williams-Smith says the city’s mask mandate on top of the DNC’s health measures will help tourists feel safer.

“All the research that we’re seeing tells us tourists feel much safer in a place where the local people are wearing masks,” Williams-Smith said.

The Milwaukee 2020 Host Committee says plans are still being finalized, they say in part:

“These protocols are the latest reflection of that commitment, and we will continue to follow the guidance of public health officials and experts as convention plans are finalized over the next three weeks.”

Lasry says while the convention will be scaled down, he’s excited it’s still happening and says the Bucks will do their part to help.

“It’s still the biggest event we’ve ever gotten and you know we’ll always be able to say we hosted the most unique and historic convention,” said Lasry.

In addition to the health protocols the DNCC says their team has spent several months building up enough supply of PPE and tests so the event won’t affect the medical supply chain.

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