DMV: Extension on driver license renewal ends July 25

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The Wisconsin Department of Transportation Division of Motor Vehicles is reminding drivers that the deadline for those under age 60, who received extensions to renew their license due to COVID-19, is Saturday, July 25.

DMV is also reminding drivers to renew their licenses online to avoid a late fee. DMV recentlyed added an online license renewal option amid the ongoing global pandemic. 

According to DMV, most drivers between ages 18 and 64 are able to go online, confirm they have no new changes in their health that impact their ability to safely drive, and complete the renewal process. Online renewals take effect immediately and are viewable to law enforcement. 

Drivers can also go to a DMV customer service center to renew and are asked to make an appointment online. 

Drivers over the age of 60 have been granted an additional 60 days to renew their drive licenses due to their elevated health risk. Drivers over the age of 60 have until Sept. 24 to renew with no late fee. 


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