Dive teams engaged in rescue operation in Milwaukee's Third Ward

Dive teams with the Milwaukee Fire Department are engaged in the rescue of a man who jumped from the Broadway St. Bridge into the Milwaukee River. Witnesses say the man jumped from the bridge just before 11:00 a.m.

According to Assistant Fire Chief Dan Lipski says the man had gone under by the time his divers arrived at the scene. He says divers are \"working in complete darkness\" even with the use of a flashlight. Lipski says divers are searching the bottom of the river, and are swimming through a mud-like fluids. \"There are also engine block, picnic tables, garbage bins, shopping carts, and whatever else you can imagine down there,\" says Lipski.

Assistant Fire Chief Lipski told us the temperature of the water is also having an affect on this rescue. He says the department is transitioning to electronic search in addition to their physical search.

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