Dispute Over Stolen Chicken Wings Results in Guns Drawn at Bleachers

(ABC 57) Four men were arrested as a result of a bar fight over stolen chicken wings Saturday at a popular bar in Mishawaka. 

That night, Mishawaka Police Officers were dispatched to Bleachers on Grape Road in response to a large fight where it was reported that some of the suspects involved were pointing firearms at others. 

According to the probable cause affidavit, the four suspects leaving the bar in a maroon vehicle were later identified as Carlis James, Christopher Accettura, Marshawn Lovelady, and Vladmir Cofield. 

Upon search of vehicle, officers located two loaded semi-automatic handguns, one silver and one black. 

Police say the dispute began when bouncers attempted to kick the four men out of the bar for harassing another patron by stealing his chicken wings. 

The PCA reports the four men allegedly began beating one of the bouncers, causing a broken clavicle and other injuries to his head, back, ribs, and face. 

Other bar staff attempted to get the situation under control by using stun guns when Accettura allegedly pulled out the silver handgun and pointed it to hold everyone back. 

Court documents say the incident was captured on surveillance footage and coincides with stories of witnesses and shows Lovelady allegedly holding handgun as well. 

Lovelady and Accettura later admitted to the possession of the guns to police. 

Both Lovelady and Accettura have criminal histories involving firearms and officials say the state is requesting a higher bond for the men as they “represent a danger to the community.”

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