Dismissed Steven Avery Juror Speaks Out

MANITOWOC (WGBA) For Richard Mahler, a dismissed juror, there are simply too many issues with the Avery trial to ignore.

"I would've voted not guilty," Richard Mahler, juror.

Mahler's removal from the jury meant he'd have no say on close to two months worth of evidence.

And four hours of jury room deliberations that he claims included talks of vote trading.

"That sounds about right with what was happening on the jury before we wrapped it up for the first day," Richard Mahler, juror said.

He said he didn't know it then, but by his account one of the jurors was related to a Manitowoc County Sheriff's Deputy.

"When we got into the jury room, the father of the Manitowoc County Sheriff Deputy sat there with his arms folded, and said, 'he's guilty as all hell,” Richard Mahler, juror said. 

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