Digital Parking Meters Coming to Racine

Business owners in Racine are complaining that the city's parking meters are affecting their bottom line.

But the city plans to use technology to change that.

On a gloomy day in downtown Racine, Christmas wreaths and trees line the streets. It's a reminder that the holiday shopping season is underway.

But for business owners like Michelle Schimian, issues like parking, sometimes cause customers to turn away.

"If they've already gotten parking tickets already," said Schimian. 

Heather Thurmann owns a massage parlor a few doors down.

"We do have customers who occasionally have to run to their meters but the problem is when you're in the middle of a massage you can't just get off the table and run and plug your meters," said Thurman. 

Right now street parking forces people to put in coins.

"Reality is, people don't do that nowadays," said Thurmann. 

But there is good news. The city will soon have a new option - new digital meters that let you pay with a phone app.

"There are 30 stores here on Main Street and I think they're very excited about the possibility of having another way coming downtown to Racine more convenient, " said Michael Maierle with the City of Racine. 

Michael Maierle with the Transit and Parking Division said, the new meters will be well worth the wait. 

"We're keeping up with the times and hopefully keep people coming to downtown Racine," said Maierle. 

The new parking meters are expected be installed by March. In the meantime, most local businesses will make change for customers. 

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