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Digital media expert Nathan Fricke of AT&T picks his favorite football season phone apps

Football season is upon us and whether you follow the pro's or have a fantasy team there are many news apps that can make your entire experience more enjoyable.

At least according to digital media expert Nathan Fricke of ATT&T who stopped by the CBS 58 News at 4 p.m. recently to talk about his favorite apps for the season.

Fricke really likes the ESPN app for the fantasy football enthusiast.

"It will give you updates on players, stats, who's trending. Who you can put in and not put in. Fantasy football has come a long way."

There's also the Sports Bar Finder.

"Pick any team that you want," explains Fricke. 'It will actually pop up in Milwaukee where you can watch that game and those players."

There's also the Sunday Ticket., Fricke says it's a really good app because you can watch the app from any device, every game, no matter where you are.

Then, so you don't miss a moment, there's the Weber I-Grill app.

"It connects to food on grill. Instead of you checking on the grill and missing a great moment your phone will tell you exactly when your meat will be done."

As always when selecting apps,  be sure to read what they're actually doing.

Especially with fantasy football apps they like to track your activity and location to market other services you might be interested in.

On the lighter side is the Thing to Bring app which will avoid too much taco dip at your next Packer Party.

It will establish a party location and date and who's attending.

"It will actually show me everybody and what they're going to bring."

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