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Devin Katzfey sentenced to 27 years in prison for deadly beating of man captured on Snapchat

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Devin Katzfey was just sentenced to 40 years in the Wisconsin Department of Corrections for first degree reckless homicide. 27 of those years will be spent in prison, the other 13 will be extended supervision.

It's significantly longer than the sentences of his accomplices which were ten and 13 years for homicide. The judge says that's because he was the most responsible.

Katzfey allegedly beat Delvin Mendoza Chaparro to death over stolen drug paraphernalia last winter and left him in a snow bank to die. The judge says part of the reason for the longer sentence is because Devin Katzfey claimed responsibility for the beating on social media.

The judge also says Katzfey was involved when Chaparro was urinated on and forced to eat cat litter.

"This family not only doesn't have their loved one anymore, but because of what the defendants did, their last memory of him is going to be him getting urinated on by the Katzfey brothers. And being mocked by this defendant because unfortunately large members of the family saw that video. That's their last memory," said Grant Huebner of the Milwaukee District Attorney's Office.

Chaparros family says regardless of sentence their loved one isn't coming back.

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