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Details about the Teacher Protection Act proposed in Madison

MADISON (CBS58) -- State Repressentative Jeremy Thiesfeldt, R-Fond du Lac, is proposing the Teacher Protection Act, which he said will keep teachers safe in the midst of increase students' assaults against teachers in Wisconsin. 

Here are the provisions: 

  • The right of a teacher to remove a pupil from a classroom under certain 
    circumstances for a period of two consecutive days.
  • The right of a teacher to receive information from a school board about a pupil 
    who was taken into custody based upon a law enforcement officer's belief that the 
    pupil was committing or had committed a felony or violent misdemeanor.
  • The right of a teacher to use reasonable and necessary force under certain 
  • The right of a teacher to request a school board to schedule a suspension 
    hearing when that teacher has requested that a pupil be suspended and the 
    administrator of the school has denied the request. Under current law, no hearing 
    is required to suspend a pupil.
  • The right of a school district employee or teacher to receive assistance and 
    leave benefits if the teacher is injured as a result of a physical assault or violent crime 
    while performing work duties.
  • The right of a teacher to terminate his or her contract without penalty if the 
    teacher is a victim of a physical assault or violent crime while performing work 
  • Civil immunity provided to a teacher under state and federal laws for certain 
    discretionary acts.
  • The right of a teacher to review, upon request, the behavioral records of a 
    pupil enrolled in the teacher's class.

Click here to read the bill. 

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