Deputy Encounters Wrong Way Driver near Mitchell International Airport

A 66-year-old man was found driving the wrong way on Highway 119 by a Milwaukee County Sheriff’s deputy around 4:50 AM.

The deputy encountered the driving heading toward him in the wrong direction, according to the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office.

The deputy aired that the vehicle was traveling westbound in the eastbound lanes in lane one, and activated his emergency lights and siren.

The driver stopped about 30 feet from the squad.

The 66-year-old male driver was the sole occupant of a taxi, and was very lethargic and confused.

He spoke little English and could not coherently respond to questions. Responding medical personnel from the Milwaukee Fire Department treated him for very low blood sugar. A co-worker stopped at the scene and assisted in translating for the driver and confirmed that the man was diabetic.

The case will be reviewed by the District Attorney’s Office for any possible charges.

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