Demonstrators Gather at Manitowoc County Courthouse Demanding Retrial of Steven Avery

Demonstrators gathered on Friday outside the Manitowoc County Courthouse demanding a retrial for Steven Avery.

Manitowoc Police said in a press conference they are not putting a time restriction on the demonstrators.

The police said they were prepared for a large crowd.

Manitowoc Police Captain Larry Zimmney said he spoke to the demonstrators and he said they have been well behaved.

Manitowoc Police said they set ground rules on the protests.

The captain said the documentary has drawn more attention to the area.

There have been social media threats against Manitowoc Police, but the police said they are not overly concerned.

"People don't seem to realize that we at the Manitowoc Police are separate than the Manitowoc Sheriff's Department,” Zimmney said. 

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