Democratic Party of Milwaukee County calls for 2024 DNC convention

NOW: Democratic Party of Milwaukee County calls for 2024 DNC convention

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The Executive Board of the Democratic Party of Milwaukee County is calling on the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to choose Milwaukee for the 2024 convention.

In a statement released Monday, Aug. 2, the Democratic Party of Milwaukee County responded to the start of the 2024 DNC city selection process. Milwaukee is one of over 20 cities being asked to apply for the convention.

Milwaukee County Democratic Party Acting Chair Christine Sinicki says they're hoping to bring another win to the city after the Bucks' victory at Fiserv Forum, the original planned spot for the convention last year.

She said it just makes sense after the DNC going virtual in 2020, but not everyone sees it that way.

"Let's be honest, we lost out on a lot," said Sinicki.

She said the city, as well as many businesses, put a lot of time and money into planning the event, which is why she said like many other postponed events, it should be back here in 2024.

"We were prepared to welcome hundreds of thousands of visitors here including some VIPs, including the now President and Vice President of the United States, and we are ready and willing to do it again," said Sinicki.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett agreed in a statement Monday, saying:

“Based on its designation of Milwaukee as the 2020 convention host, the Democratic National Committee certainly has a positive impression of our city. I appreciate the invitation they’ve extended, and I will answer that Milwaukee remains interested in being a national political convention site."

UW-Milwaukee Political Science Professor Mordecai Lee said that may make sense for us; it might not for the national party.

"From our perspective as Milwaukeeans, we feel that the Democratic Party owes us. The problem with politics is that politics isn't backwards looking," said Lee.

Lee said in 2020, many eyes were on Wisconsin after the state went for President Trump in 2016.

He said the National Democratic Party may have their eyes elsewhere in 2024.

"I think the heartbreaker for the Democratic Party had been Florida and Ohio, they really, really thought they were going to be able to flip it, so again the logic becomes 'hey if we do it in Florida, if we do it in Ohio, will that be just enough to put us over the top,'" said Lee.

Sinicki said with redistricting coming up, as well as Senate races in 2022 and 2024, the city could still be a critical piece of the puzzle.

"Milwaukee and Wisconsin are going to be just as critical in this campaign," said Sinicki.

Lee said another aspect to consider is the logistics side of things. If one of those other states has a better venue, it might make them a more attractive candidate.

You can read the full statement below:

“Today we learned that Milwaukee is one of 20+ cities being asked to apply for the 2024 Democratic National Convention. Hosting the DNC is no small feat, and this massive honor boosts a city both politically and economically. Despite the fact that Milwaukee ‘hosted’ in 2020, we missed out on the critical time to shine on the national stage.
Milwaukee was able to not only persist and succeed in a virtual environment, but overcome history and flip Wisconsin back to blue in 2020 and deliver the election for President Joe Biden. Since then, our city brought home an NBA Championship (#BucksInSix), we’ve spent every day helping Gov. Evers protect his veto, and we will oust Ron Johnson in 2022 and defend Sen. Baldwin in 2024.
We should not have to make the case for why Milwaukee would be an excellent location for the DNC in 2024 -- we already did that just a few years ago. Instead, we simply ask the selection committee to follow the precedent of so many other postponed events and follow through on your national commitment to our state.
Milwaukee welcomes you back, and we urge you to choose our city quickly so we can get back to work electing Democrats up-and-down the ticket and planning the best convention possible.”
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