Delavan School Donates 176,673 Items to Goodwill

Donald Driver visited Delavan-Darien School District to celebrate the school donating 176,673 items to Goodwill.

Goodwill’s Pack’er Up Donation Challenge ended on April 30 with 758 schools participating and

Delavan-Darien School winning a visit from the Green Bay Packers Donald Driver.

The school has 240 students and they donated a 176,673 items to Goodwill.

"You guys you all didn’t just break the record. Like, you shattered the record, shattered the record so what that tells me is that this is an amazing community because you saw a purpose,” said Driver.

The runner-up school was Park Lawn Elementary in Oconomowoc, and third place finisher Ben Franklin Elementary in Menomonee Falls.

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